Chris Kim
Psychotherapy & Couples Counseling

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Couples Therapy

In my work with couples, I encourage both partners to explore – in a mindful and non-blaming way – how they have each contributed to the dynamic that brought them to therapy.  In many instances, long-standing attachment patterns that were learned with primary caregivers are unconsciously played out in the relationship. I work with couples to understand the current dynamic between them and to also understand how old wounds and unspoken belief systems (the rules they learned at home both consciously and unconsciously) impact the relationship.

While I work with couples on how to communicate with each other to foster more trust and understanding, I believe identifying and experiencing the underlying emotions that are driving the negative behaviors are the key to improving the relationship.

Issues that bring couples to therapy are:

  • Communication
  • Infidelity/Trust
  • Power dynamics
  • Boredom/disinterest in the relationship
  • Diverging interests
  • Choosing to have children or not
  • Sex addiction/Internet porn

It’s my goal for each partner to feel safe in expressing both their greatest fears about the relationship and their hopes and dreams. Through interactive exercises, sharing, and reflection, couples gain a greater understanding of both themselves and their partners.