Chris Kim
Psychotherapy & Couples Counseling

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Every client is unique. I don’t have just one way of working with clients based on their presenting issue. Each client brings his or her own experiences that shape how the treatment will go. While I will hold the presenting issue in my mind, I also notice how clients are in the room with me, examine past relationships and wounds, and explore what they want from therapy. It’s my intention to meet my clients where they are, and to help them live the life they want by experiencing more of who they truly are.

Based on my client’s particular needs, I may bring in body awareness, mindfulness, or explore my client’s earliest interactions with his/her primary caregivers. The key to a successful outcome in therapy is the relationship that forms between client and therapist. What happens in those 50 minutes with that particular client is unique and often reflects the client’s experience is like in the real world.

I bring curiosity and compassion in my work with clients. Sometimes I may offer observations or insights; but above all, I want to support clients in experiencing whatever is present at the moment. By building trust and safety, I work to help clients express and examine their deepest fears, needs and longings.